Defibrillator Sign
The club has a defibrillator which is installed by the front door of the club house but it has been over a year since instructions regarding its use were issued to members. In view of this, we thought it would be useful to re-publish the guidance notes on how to use the defibrillator in accordance with the North West Ambulance Service regulations.  There are also pictorial instructions on the front of the defibrillator cabinet.
You may also note that the defibrillator is a ‘community defibrillator’ which means that anyone from the neighbourhood can access it.  The defibrillator is housed in an electrically thermo-regulated locked cabinet which is also theft and vandal proof.  For extra security the cabinet is in full view of a CCTV camera and a new light with a motion sensor has now been installed which provides illumination in this area when the club house is in darkness.
What happens in an emergency?
If you suspect that someone is having a cardiac arrest, (heart attack), then the first thing to do, as in all emergency situations, is to make the area safe if possible.
You must then dial 999 to access the defibrillator.
State that you are at Bramhall Lane Lawn Tennis Club, the postcode is SK7 2PZ (which is also written on the outside of the cabinet).
The emergency services will then dispatch an ambulance and give you the key pad code so that you can access the defibrillator.  Remove the defibrillator from the cabinet, return to the patient and press the ‘ON’ button.  From that point onwards the machine will give you voice prompts and instruct you what to do next.  You may also have to perform CPR if you know how.
This is the link if you want to watch the defibrillator training video.
Please note that this video is the American version, so in an emergency you would dial 999 and not 911 etc.  Also, this video is for the fully automatic defibrillator which automatically delivers the shock. The defibrillator at BLLTC is semi-automatic which is the model the North West Ambulance Service prefers.  This means that, when instructed by the voice prompts, you have to press the button to activate the shock.
Inside the defibrillator cabinet are blunt-ended scissors to assist in removing clothing. There is also a razor to remove excessive chest hair, a mouth guard, protective gloves and electrode pads for children under 8 years.
Once the emergency services have arrived they will take charge of the situation and the defibrillator.