Tennis Players at the Net

The Club has a comprehensive programme of activities to cater for all standards and ages of tennis players.  We run:

  • Club Nights on two evenings (Monday & Thursday) where the emphasis is on mix-in play & Mix-In Saturday afternoons.
  • Five men’s teams and five ladies teams in the NE Cheshire League (during the Summer) and teams in the East Cheshire Winter League.
  • A regularly refreshed Adult Coaching and Fitness Calendar.
  • Internal tennis leagues (doubles and singles) throughout the year
  • Regular Tournaments throughout the year from the highly competitive Annual Club Tournaments to ‘social’ American Tournaments
Tennis, like all sports, is best enjoyed when playing opponents of a similar standard

All Adult Members are streamed, using a simple colour coding,  to ensure that they play with other members of similar abilities in the annual ratings tournaments and mix-in play.

Team Tennis
The Club runs five men’s and five ladies’teams in the NE Cheshire Tennis League.  In addition we enter the nationally run AEGON competition where our men compete in the Regional League and the ladies in the National league.    The standard of the teams vary from elite tennis to intemediate tennis – so if you are interested all are welcome to come along to the Team Practices (Wednesday evenings – ladies; Sunday mornings – men.)

To view the current seasons match results go to the NE Cheshire League Web Site.

Bramhall Lane Tennis Club is renowned within Cheshire, not only for its fantastic facilities but for the quality of the tennis  produced by teams and individuals. Many of our members play for the County teams at junior, senior and veteran level and currently we boast:

  • The Cheshire Ladies singles Champion
  • The U18 girls singles champion
  • U18 mixed champions
  • Boys U16 singles champion
  • Boys U18 doubles champions
  • Over 35 doubles and mixed doubles winners
  • Over 50 ladies singles champion
  • Over 50 ladies doubles champions.

Our Head Coach James Turner, plays for, and Captains, the Over-50 Great Britain team.

In 2018 Bramhall Lane were:

  • runners up in the Men’s, Ladies and Veteran ladies Cheshire Shield
  • winners of the Junior Boys Cheshire Shield.
  • Winners of the Acton Cup (a mixed team event) for the 6th year running
  • Victorious in the League mixed doubles ‘Rose Bowl’ competition
  • Winners of the ladies Premier League for the 9th consecutive year
Court Booking

All adult playing members are able to book courts via the online court booking system.  This allows players confidence that a specific court is available for their use at a particular date and time.  This is particularly useful when arranging games with friends and also internal tournament matches.

Internal Tournaments & Competitions

The Club run’s internal singles and doubles leagues – with regular promotion/demotion – allowing for members to play with and against other members of a similar ability.  It provides a great way for new members to meet other members of the Club.

In addition to the Annual Level & Handicap Tournaments there are regular social tournaments run throughout the year by the Club Coaches.

Mix-In Play

For ‘mix-in play’ courts are set aside for adult members to just turn up and play – play limited to a short set then players are expected to mix-in with other members who are waiting to play.

Adult Club Nights are organised mix-in sessions on Monday and Thursday evenings from 7:00 p.m. to 10 p.m. throughout the year.

Saturday Afternoon mix-in sessions are from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. – with a coach run American Tournament on the last Saturday of the month.

During the Summer months, following Junior Club Night, the Social Committee run a BBQ mix-in for both Adult and Junir members to mix-in and play.